General information

Benefits of a professional association

Non-prescription medicines, self-care medical devices and health products are not ordinary consumer goods. Manufacturing and distribution, product information and advertising are subject to legal regulations. The ASSGP follows developments on the national and European field with particular attention to health- and pharmaceutical policy and legal regulations. It safeguards the interests of its members and represents them in its dealings with the authorities and other professional associations. It promotes free and fair information and advertising in the field of health care, an essential prerequisite for patients and consumers to be able to assume more responsibility for the maintenance of their health.

Who can become member?

An Active Membership with ASSGP can be granted to any manufacturer or distributor of non-prescription medicines, self-care medical devices and health products;
the Associate Membership is open to companies associated with an active member which operate as independent distribution units of non-prescription medi
cines, self-care medical devices and health products and belong to the same group;
a Sponsoring Membership is open for firms and private persons who support the objectives of the ASSGP.

In the ASSGP, both domestic and multinational companies are represented. The members of the ASSGP at present hold around 81% market share in prescription-free drugs in Switzerland.

Strengthening small and medium-sized businesses

The policy of "one member, one vote" ensures that the interests of the socially as well as economically important small and medium-sized businesses are adequately represented. In contrast to large enterprises, often the SMB have a marginal own infrastructure and miss useful connections. Membership gives access to information on relevant themes of the industry, advisory services, participation in ad-hoc teams and mutual exchange of experience.

Broad therapeutically coverage

Membership is open both to manufacturers of chemical/synthetic products as well as alternative medicine. ASSGP consciously supports a broad therapeutically range in the domain of non-prescription medicines, self-care medical devices and health products.

How Does the ASSGP work?

The board of the ASSGP is elected by the annual General Assembly for the duration of three years. It determines the political views of the association in focus areas of the OTC industry and sets the direction and priorities of the association’s activities. On an operative level ASSGP has its own office. For the efficient handling of specific problems, the board or member firms may define teams.

Mission Statement of ASSGP

  • Mission:
    We are the voice of the OTC Industry.
    We are the key point of contact for competent authorities, institutions and associations for issues on self-medication.

  • Vision:
    We take a lasting influence for a political and economic favourable framework to our members which develop, manufacture and or distribute prescription-free medicines, medical devices und healthcare products.

  • Mission statement:
    We stand for a fair competition, patient safety and cost efficiency in the healthcare sector.