Objectives and purpose

For a long time, efficiency considerations in the field of health care were neglected. Healing and caring for the patient were clearly given priority. This shall remain so in future, but in this day and age, both in health maintenance and in medical treatment. measures are necessary to bring down health costs or at least keep them under control. Targeted prevention and increased self-responsibility of the population for their health maintenance contribute towards attaining this aim.

Self-care includes actions and measures individuals take to improve their health and well-being, to prevent and decrease the likelihood of disease and to restore health after illness or injury. Daily lifestyle choices and self-medication are the two main aspects of self-care. Together with the support through pharmacist and druggist they diminish unnecessary doctor visits and are thus reducing the cost of health expenditures.

Mission Statement of ASSGP

  • Mission:
    We are the voice of the OTC Industry.
    We are the key point of contact for competent authorities, institutions and associations for issues on self-medication.
  • Vision:
    We take a lasting influence for a political and economic favourable framework to our members which develop, manufacture and or distribute prescription-free medicines, medical devices und healthcare products.
  • Mission statement:
    We stand for a fair competition, patient safety and cost efficiency in the healthcare sector.

Strategic targets of ASSGP

  • Fosters close relations with all relevant stakeholders in the healthcare sector, such as legislators, competent authorities, media, associations for specialist trade and other associations of the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Observes, evaluates and informs comprehensively on a timely basis on expected and realized changes which affect or could affect the OTC-industry (such as developments in the EU).
  • Develops situational position papers and measures to safeguard its interests.
  • Advocates self-medication in a secure framework.
  • Advocates an economically more attractive self-medication market.
  • Point of contact for issues of its members.

Further information on European activities under www.aesgp.eu.